Shri Khandelwal Vaishya Educational Trust ( SKVE Trust) is duly registered under Rajasthan Public Trust, 1969, vide Registration No. 437 2014 dated 21/02/2014.The promoting body of the SKVE Trust, Shree Khandelwal Vaishya Hitkarini Sabha, Jaipur (Registered), Ganga Mata Mandir, Station Road, Jaipur is a society bearing registration no. 4, 1946-1947 at Jaipur. It was registered under Societies Registration Act 1943, on 03.04.1947 at Jaipur. Beyond its journey of over seventy two years the Hitkarini Sabha is keen to contribute significantly in evolving society in its varied facets. Under its impetus, the main objective of the SKVE Trust has always keen to develop and manage various social welfare pursuits such as establishment of institutions for educational, technical, scientific, cultural and skill development etc. and also funding for hospitals, hostels, library, old age home and other allied activities for the benefit of the society. SKVE Trust adjoins business persons, educationists, engineers, industrialists and socialists of Khandelwal Samaj who generously donate for the above noble causes. SKVE Trust established and shaped KVGIT and is still meticulously working for its growth and triumphs in the education sector. The arduous efforts of the trustees and the office bearers of SKVE Trust, along with the co- operation of society will definitely bring approbation and fulfill the objective of empowering the women through higher education.

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