KVGIT started its incubation centre in 2023 for motivating and supporting students for innovations and startups. The aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in college students. It is a platform to nurture, develop, enhance skills in innovations and entrepreneurship of college students, research scholars as well as others . 

In today’s world new entrepreneurs and innovators are rapidly grown and supported by Angel investors and venture capitalist,etc . Apart from this incubation centre are also supporting them in many ways. Incubation centre is the place where entrepreneurs are born.

As a new born baby is kept in Incubator for some time , so that he can be prepared for outside environment, just like that new startups are make ready and grow in incubation centre , so that they can face outside challenges.


  • To promote innovations
  • To promote new entrepreneurs
  • To provide ecosystem, by establishing network between Financial institutions, industries, and other institutions
  • To provide cost effective services like legal, Professional, technical, etc
  • To provide facilities to startups like space, IT, net etc.
  • To create job through new entrepreneurs
  • To provide intellectual services


Primary vision of KVGIT incubation centre is to promote, encourage and support new entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic, creative and inherent zeal to establish their business ideas. KVGIT incubation centre will ensure that incubates has technological assistance which will be provided by different mentors with multidisciplinary expertise. So that new entrepreneurs can start their business ideas with minimum risk.


Mission of KVGIT incubation centre is to develop business ideas of next generation to serve nation and can play a vital role to improve economy of nation. 

Facilities at KVGIT Incubation Centre

Upon admission following facilities will be provided to incubates:

Common Space

Access to college library

Common furniture

Meeting and conference room

Common computer with relevant softwares and internet connections

Access to Lab (after permission)

Financial Assistance to eligible startups

Other facilities

Common Space

Common Computer

Common Furniture

Meeting Room

Conference Room

College Library

Tea and Water Facility

Financial Assistance to Eligible Startups


One of the object of incubation is to provide legal, professional and technical assistance and use of Lab infrastructure of college. For this incubates will be assigned one faculty member as mentor who will guide incubates in developments of their business.

Seletion Process

Incubate has to apply in proper application form available at KVGIT incubation centre which will be scrutinize by panel of experts. Admission will be granted only on recommendation of panel otherwise it will be rejected.


KVGIT does not guarantee for success for any startups and all the rights reserved with KVGIT.

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