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Khandelwal Vaish Girls Institute of Technology is a great girls’ college in Jaipur established in 2010. It’s affiliated with the University of Rajasthan and Rajasthan Technical University, approved by the All India Council for Technical Education and the Government of Rajasthan. It’s centrally located in a posh area of Vaishali Nagar. Khandelwal Vaish Girls Institute of Technology is a technical and professional college in Jaipur that was created by the Shri Khandelwal Vaishya Educational Trust.

The college is located in a spacious area of approximately 10,000 square yards, with a carpet area of over 120,000 square feet. It consists of two large building blocks that cater to the needs of students at different levels. The campus is designed to provide a peaceful and eco-friendly environment, and it is constructed to be resistant to earthquakes. Additionally, the campus features an intelligent building management system that meets international standards.

Why Choose kvgit


The classrooms and tutorials at Khandelwal  Vaish Girls Institute of Technology are big, open, and have good air circulation. They are designed in a way that even if the power goes out, there is enough natural light for students and teachers to continue their activities. The furniture is comfortable and suitable for students’ needs. The classrooms have modern teaching tools like projectors, magnetic boards, PowerPoint presentations, and a public address system to enhance the learning experience.


The laboratories at Khandelwal  Vaish Girls Institute of Technology are modern and well-equipped to provide practical experiences and develop the skills necessary for advanced study or research. The college has 14 labs coordinated by respective department in-charges and faculty members. All practicals pertaining to undergraduate and postgraduate levels are conducted in these labs. The college has labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Geography, Psychology, Home Science, Textile, Drawing, and Painting.


 KVGIT College has well-stocked, air-conditioned, and fully computerized multimedia libraries for its faculty, with separate libraries for each faculty. There is also a separate reference section for each course. The library’s purpose is to provide access to relevant and useful information resources to support teaching, learning, and research in the college. The library timings are extended during examination periods to cater to the needs of the students.


Sports is any competitive physical activity or game that aims to use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and entertainment to spectators. KVGIT College provides a strong platform for students to nourish their sports talent under the guidance of expert coaches. Sports have always been an essential part of the college’s co-curricular activities.

Hostel Facility 

For the benefit of all students, each hostel contains three blocks that are cozy, well-lit, well-ventilated, and outfitted with wooden tables, chairs, mattresses, and wardrobes. We offer air-conditioned rooms with four or six beds, attached bathrooms, and toilets. The facilities align with our goal of giving the children a good outlook in addition to a top-notch education. Numerous leisure activities, including excursions, meditation, and exercise, are routinely planned to foster the hostellers’ intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth.



A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree that focuses on business administration. It aims to develop practical skills, managerial abilities, communication skills, and decision-making capabilities in students. The program includes various forms of training and practical experience, such as case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interactions with industry experts.


A Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a type of undergraduate degree program that provides a wide range of subjects in the humanities. It is designed to offer students the opportunity to explore various fields such as literature, history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and more.


If you have an interest in the IT industry, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications (BCA) is a commonly chosen program among students. It covers subjects like databases, networking, data structures, and programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘Java’. BCA offers opportunities for students to work as programmers or software developers in the IT sector.


An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a renowned postgraduate degree that focuses on developing business and management skills for future business leaders and entrepreneurs. MBA colleges in Jaipur help enhance skills and provide direction in the corporate world. They offer specialized courses in areas like human resources, finance, marketing, and IT for in-depth study.


Commerce education covers subjects such as trade, business, finance, and economics, providing individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for understanding and engaging in commerce, industry, and economic activities. It equips students with tools to handle trade, commerce, and industry effectively.


The students in our training program are “Employable Aspirants” because of the highly qualified and energetic team of professionals we have working with us. Our training center not only teaches students how to be employable but also provides them with a virtual workplace where they can fully grasp the company culture prior to applying for a job. At Khandelwal Vaish College in Jaipur, the placement team manages all areas of placements. everything from making contact with potential employers to organizing employability exams, pre-placement meetings, and performing final interviews.


KVGIT offers a range of scholarships at both national and state levels, provided by the government for eligible candidates. Additionally, the institution has established the SKVET Scholarship Fund to support deserving students who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.


The Khandelwal Vaish Girls Institute is the Best girl’s college in Jaipur of Technology is a leading girls’ college that offers a unique and specialized approach to education. With its affiliation with renowned universities, modern facilities, and emphasis on empowering girls, the college provides a nurturing and supportive environment for girls to excel academically and personally. By choosing this institute, girls have the opportunity to embark on a successful and fulfilling educational journey that prepares them for a bright future.

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