Choosing a career is a big decision for students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. After earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, you can choose between starting a job or continuing your education. There are many postgraduate programs available for those with arts degrees. Here is a detailed list of courses you can take after your BA to improve your career options and explore your interests further.


What is Bachelor of Arts (BA)?  

1.Degree in M.A. :-  

One of the most popular options for BA graduates is to pursue a Master’s degree in the arts. A Master of Arts (MA) is a great choice if you want to learn more about the subjects you studied during your bachelor’s degree.

In an MA program, you’ll have the chance to dive deeper into the topics you’re interested in. KVGIT college can help you in getting MA degree, kvgit college is the one of the Best M.A. College in Jaipur.This is perfect if you want to go on to even higher studies, like a PhD or an M.Phil. degree. An MA helps you gain more advanced knowledge and skills in your chosen field.

For example, if you get an MA in History, you can become a historian. If you’re interested in Economics, an MA can help you become an economist.

2.Government Jobs After a BA:-

If you are determined to get a government job, here are a few options you can consider after completing your bachelor’s degree.

Here is a list of major government exams you can take to secure a promising government job:

  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  • SSC (Staff Selection Commission)
  • Defence Services (Indian Army)
  • State Public Services
  • Indian Railways (through RRB exams)
  • Indian Foreign Services

SSC CGL is one of the major exams conducted every year to fill various government positions such as Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Clerk, Auditor, Income Tax Officer, Tax Assistant, and Junior Assistant.

3.Mastering Business Administration (MBA):-

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. After getting a bachelor’s degree, many Indians choose to pursue an MBA because it offers many career opportunities.

During an MBA, you’ll learn how to solve business problems and become a skilled manager. An MBA not only provides many job options but also helps you earn a good salary.

In an MBA program, you’ll study management, administration, and organization. This helps you think critically about business problems and how to grow a business.

To apply for an MBA, you need to take the CAT (Common Admission Test). You must have a bachelor’s degree to take the CAT.

4.Human Resources Manager :-

HR managers handle various tasks like creating employee records, developing company policies, interviewing and hiring job applicants, and training new employees. They also manage relationships between employees. Someone with an BA degree in this field can easily learn the communication and interpersonal skills needed for success in this role.


Journalism is a strong part of Indian democracy. Choosing a career in journalism after completing a BA can be a smart move. Journalism involves collecting information and sharing it with the public through various media channels.

Journalists don’t just report news; they also highlight different issues through writing or visuals.

Students studying journalism can specialize in areas they are interested in, such as crime, politics, sports, entertainment, business, or finance.

While studying journalism, you’ll meet different people and learn about their views. You’ll discover various aspects of the job and hear stories about people’s successes and failures.


Completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is more than just finishing college; it opens up many career options. With a BA, you can pursue jobs in fields like journalism, law, information science, public administration, professional writing, and more. There are many specialized courses and competitive exams that can help you find your path.


It’s important to realize that getting your BA is just the start. It marks the beginning of a new phase where you can use what you’ve learned to build a rewarding career. By knowing what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at, you can confidently explore the many opportunities available to you.


As you move forward after earning your BA, keep in mind that success comes from continuous learning, being adaptable, and following your dreams. Your BA is the foundation, and with hard work and enthusiasm, you can build a successful career that fits your goals. Embrace this journey and let your BA be the first step towards a bright future! Kvgit College is the best girls college in Jaipur.


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